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We are experts in communication, facilitation, surprise mitigation & motivation.

We aren't subject matter experts in a particular industry, technology, content or methodology. Rather, we are experts in helping to clearly articulate a problem or objective statement and in bringing the 'right' smart people to the table and helping them to work together effectively to solve the problem or meet the objective



We are experts in communication, facilitation, surprise mitigation, and motivation. We are not wed to a specific methodology, process or approach. We are committed to delivering by using existing resources and employing processes and tools that are within the bounds of what the organizational culture will embrace.

Hub of the wheel

We operate as the hub of the wheel where the spokes represent disparate groups/resources, complex organizational politics, various stakeholder groups with variant needs, and multiple sponsors with skin in the game.

About Us


Case Study

A Fortune 100 financial institution acquired a competitor and needed to integrate the internet services of the two companies. They needed to establish the overall program and governance structure that would enable a coordinated effort, provide clear visibility to issues and risks, and establish a clearly defined and bought-into roadmap for how to get from A to Z.

We established the sponsor team and working teams, assigned accountabilities, and facilitated a coordinated effort. We created a suite of reporting that provided clear visibility into status, issues and risks. We established and facilitated recurring stakeholder and sponsor meetings to ensure all components were working in sync and on the same page. We were the single point of escalation for critical issues and risks and coordinated quick mitigation/resolution efforts. We were accountable for making sure executive leadership was always informed.

We lead, coordinated, facilitated, communicated, and documented. The resources of the organization did the work.